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Dr. Dan Miulli

Individuals and society must learn how to live together at a young age.  Mankind needs to derive a sense of well-being from group interactions, by being accepted and still maintaining individuality.  Group dynamics should be sought after because the relationship fulfills the primitive drives, Man can learn the pleasure of harmony with fellow man, nature and God.  Families and societies can accomplish integration by presenting the individual with the positive knowledge of belonging.  Groups must realize that their overall power base will be increased and that individuals can fill niches that were void.  In human civilization school education attempts to provide such a role, as does gangs, religions, membership societies and families.  Unfortunately, most of these organizations also promote competition and the need to survive, further adding to the ultimate struggle.  Mankind has to find the means to overcome the obstacles to harmony and technology can once again play a role to help bring man together with all others.  Technology can demonstrate the ultimate joy of harmony, directly to the brain.  Technology can do this without making automatons, without addiction and without further conflict.  Man's brain can experience the collective, thus maximizing pleasure.  This will teach Man to strive for the feeling of oneness, of harmony, of all for one and one for all.  Technology and compassion can teach man to open his mind to perceive the thoughts and actions that promote harmony.  Man will continue to be in control, will continue to be an individual but will be part of the collective.  This can be accomplished by teaching.

Teaching encompasses many forms, people can be taught facts, procedures, concepts and the ability to integrate those foundations into new ideas.  This has been Dr. Miulli's philosophy regarding teaching, not only of others but for himself.

In addition to formal teaching and research projects, Dr. Miulli is the Research Director of Miulli Industries, Inc.  This firm specializes in the research & development of healthcare projects.  The details of the projects cannot be disclosed but encompass the areas of artificial disk technology, drill bits for spinal surgery, shower product for use when there is limited self-motivation, nutrition for severe head injury patients, operative spectroscopy and others.

Primary Clinical Knowledge
Extensive training in critical and primary care medicine with emphasis on treatment of low back and neck problems, stroke, headaches, neuro-critical care, head injury, work-related ailments and neuro-rehabilitation, obtaining ACOS 1994 Neurosurgical Resident of the Year, AMA Physicians Recognition Award 1997, Board

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