Work to Dr. Miulli is not a chore but a privilege, a chance to learn and an honor to return a gratitude to others.  Dr. Miulli started working before high school to help make ends meet.  At first he assisted the family in their jobs and then branched out doing everything from cleaning offices to making pizza. 

Next he was given a unique opportunity at the University of Illinois department of Campus Auxillary Services.  He was hired to parking enforcement to write tickets.  Here he was given a chance to excel because many of the Administrators were benevolent.  He quickly advanced in the department, himself becoming an administrator overseeing a large work force and a growing organization.  The projects included initiating computer systems when they were first starting to appear, constructing operational plans, facilities and budgets and still administering certain aspects of security for the ever expanding campus.  This opportunity was the foundation for his business experience.

Upon completion of his baccalaureate degree, Dr. Miulli began to teach and realized that this was indeed a calling.  He taught Human Anatomy, further inspiring his fascination with medicine.

All the while Dr. Miulli's taste for business grew, his desire to use all these different skills lead to formation of additional independent companies.  He was the president of the "Video Clinic Service Center", where he himself learned from scratch to repair video equipment.  The requisite of this detailed interesting field was to learn about electricity and electronics, while still holding other positions and attending college.  After some time Dr. Miulli adventured out again, collaborating with others to own and operate a separate business to rent and sell video tapes and video equipment.  In order to maintain this type of schedule  unfounded organizational skills were required.  Then to foster prosperity of each organization, strategic planning, administration techniques and business management was employed to the maximum.  These qualities are carried on to this day in the healthcare arena.

After residency Dr. Miulli joined a thriving practice in Minnesota, which quickly became even more

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